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Rolling Bearings
Katalog | 2019-01 | 029679141-0000 | Engelsk

Rolling bearings (HR 1)

Ball bearings, Roller bearings, Needle roller bearings, Track rollers, Bearings for screw drives, Insert bearings/housing units, Bearing housings, Accessories

Catalogue HR 1 stands for pioneering bearing technology, application-focussed advice, the highest product and performance density and continuous development. The benefits to you: - Selection of products from a vast product range; - Maximum benefit, since the most suitable product is used in the right place; - Worldwide product availability; - Short delivery times; - Long term supply capability; - Security of planning for the long view; - Simplified stockholding; - Market-competitive prices; - Global service; - Comprehensive, application-focussed advice.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

Katalog | 2016-06 | 036831190-0000 | Engelsk

Large Size Bearings (GL1)

Ball bearings Roller bearings Back-up rollers Spherical plain bearings Bearing housings Accessories

Catalogue GL 1 is based on our proven catalogue HR 1, Rolling Bearings. It gives descriptions of standard rolling bearings with an outside diameter of 320 mm or greater and the appropriate accessories as well as numerous special rolling bearings and large plain bearings.

We are thus offering an overview of our product range for large and heavy machinery for the original equipment manufacture, distribution and aftermarket sectors. In order to facilitate the selection of suitable products, reference is made at many points to typical applications.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG


Linear produkter

Katalog | 2014-02 | 034139060-0000 | Engelsk

Shaft Guidance Systems (WF1)

Linear bearings, linear bearing and housing units Solid shafts, hollow shafts Shaft and support rail units Shaft support blocks

Shaft guidance systems comprise shafts or shaft and support rail units combined with low-friction linear ball or plain bearings. The shafts can be either solid or hollow shafts, shaft and support rail units are always solid. For ease of fixing to the adjacent construction, the guidance systems are also available as complete linear bearing and housing units.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG - Geschäftsbereich Lineartechnik

Katalog | 2015-11 | 035795131-0000 | Engelsk

Monorail Guidance Systems (PF1)

Linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway assemblies Linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies Linear guidance systems with linear recirculating ball bearing units Accessories

The performance capacity and economic success of a design incorporating monorail guidance systems is essentially dependent on the components used. It is at this stage that the competitive technical superiority and subsequent acceptance in the market of the machine or installation is often decided. However, the bearing arrangement must be precisely matched to the application and achievable by the use of standard components.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG - Geschäftsbereich Lineartechnik

Katalog | 2016-06 | 032918356-0000 | Engelsk

Track Roller Guidance Systems (LF1)

Track roller guidance systems Track rollers, bolts, guideways Accessories

Track roller guidance systems LF are preferably used, due to their lightweight construction, for tasks in handling systems, where quiet running, high speeds and long travel distances are required together with uniformly low displacement resistance.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG - Geschäftsbereich Lineartechnik



BEARINX®- online Easy Friction Detailed friction calculations for rolling bearings
Brochure | 2011-03 | 036910040-0000 | Engelsk

BEARINX®- online Easy Friction (PBR)

Detailed friction calculations for rolling bearings

Other calculation tools currently on the market usually make use of highly-simplified calculation methods. These methods usually ignore the tilted position of bearings resulting from shaft deflection as well as the elastic behavior of rolling bearings and contacts. The friction is calculated only by using approximation methods, whereby the results provide hardly any or only approximate values for real applications.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

Bearinx®-online Linear Calculation
Brochure | 2010-06 | 034473009-0000 | Engelsk

Bearinx®-online Linear Calculation (PBL)

Along with developing and manufacturing top quality precision parts, great service is an important tradition at the Schaeffler Group. We offer you the support you need as early as the design phase, so you can put our products into operation with confidence, because for us, service means a partnership with the customer from the first design idea right up to supplying the product.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

Brochure | 2012-12 | 017215510-0000 | Engelsk

BEARINX®-online Shaft Calculation (PBO)

With our software you can now determine actual stresses while taking shaft deflection and rolling bearing deflection behavior into account. And of course, exact calculations for the internal load distribution in the bearing are performed, including contact pressure with the actual rolling element profile.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG



Montage og vedligeholdelse af lejer
Katalog | 2014-02 | 036917460-0000 | Dansk

Montage og vedligeholdelse af lejer (IS 1)

Produkter Services Kurser

Dette katalog henvender sig først og fremmest til folk, der
beskæftiger sig med vedligeholdelse af maskinanlæg, hvor rulningslejer og andre roterende maskinelementer udgør et kritisk element for produkt- og proceskvaliteten. I deres daglige arbejde skal de ansvarlige for vedligeholdelse og produktionsprocesser kunne stole på kvaliteten af deres værktøjer og på deres servicepartneres kompetence. Inden for kategorien af services til industrien tilbyder Schaeffler derfor førsteklasses produkter, services og kurser.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Danmark ApS

Mounting and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings
Katalog | 2018-06 | 036908134-0000 | Engelsk

Mounting and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings (IS 1)

Products Services Training

This catalogue is aimed principally at maintenance managers and operators of plant in which rolling bearings and other rotating machine components play a critical role in determining the quality of products and processes. Those responsible for maintenance and production processes must be able to rely every day on the quality of their tools and the expertise of their service providers. Within its Industrial Service concept, Schaeffler therefore offers high quality products, services and training.

Udgiver: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG


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