Pioneering Spirit

Needle Roller Bearings

Small design envelope and high load carrying capacity – the typical advantages of INA needle roller bearings have been convincing engineers for more than 60 years.


The development of the needle roller cage by Dr. Georg Schaeffler in 1949 overcame the disadvantages of the full complement needle roller bearing then in use, whose needle rollers were highly susceptible to skewing and which generated excessive amounts of frictional heat at high speeds. As a result, the needle roller bearing became a reliable and efficient component.

In particular, the INA needle roller bearing made an invaluable contribution to the development of small, efficient and reasonably priced cars. Without the availability of reliable needle roller bearings, modern car transmissions would now be almost unthinkable. The range of parts and the number of different requirements for needle roller bearings is growing continually and has led to a considerable expansion of the product range in just a few years. Even today, new designs are being added on almost a daily basis that are matched to the special requirements of the particular application.


X-life machined needle roller bearings
At the heart of our product portfolio is the INA machined needle roller bearing. With the introduction of the X-life grade, we have been able to increase the basic dynamic load rating by 13 percent over the previous product, which corresponds in turn to an increase in the rating life of about 50 percent. Comparisons carried out on test rigs show that INA needle roller bearings are the highest performance components of this type on the market by a wide margin. The essential advantages: longer operating life, lower lubricant strain, lower friction and thus lower bearing temperatures. The result: increased energy efficiency. In addition, the enormous performance capacity allows downsizing of the bearing position.

For equipment that is exposed on a daily basis to aggressive media, we also offer needle roller bearings made from corrosion-resistant special steels. As a result, long maintenance intervals are possible even in an environment that is hostile to bearings. With the coatings and special materials developed in the Schaeffler Coatings Centre, the bearings can also be protected against wear or current passage and friction can be reduced further.

Applications for X-life needle roller bearings include, machine tools, textile and construction machinery, medical equipment, machinery for the chemicals and paper processing industries and of course automotive manufacturing, their original area of use.


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