Pioneering Spirit

Ball Roller

One hundred years after the invention of the ball bearing and 50 years since the needle roller bearing became ready for volume production, Schaeffler is offering its customers a new rolling bearing series: the ball roller bearing. The result: higher basic load ratings, longer life and downsizing of products.


Our innovation is based on removing from the ball as a conventional rolling element all the surfaces that are not subjected to load – this means that 15 percent of the ball diameter is sliced off. This results in a ball with a flattened area on each side, the so-called ball roller, which is 30 percent narrower than a ball and thus occupies significantly less space. Thanks to the particularly "lean" shape of the ball roller and specially developed assembly processes, it is possible to increase the proportion of the bearing that is filled with rolling elements to approximately 90 percent. The presence of more rolling elements in the same design envelope gives a significantly higher basic load rating and a correspondingly longer lifetime. This also opens up new opportunities for the downsizing of products and subassemblies.

BXRE bearings
Single row BXRE bearings allow the downsizing of products and subassemblies, since they require a smaller radial design envelope for the same shaft diameter and the same basic load rating. They offer about 50 percent more rolling elements, which are fitted using an innovative assembly method. Since the proportion of the BXRE bearing that is filled with rolling elements is approximately 90 percent, it can also withstand extreme loads. Typical areas of application include electric motors, washing machines, chainsaws and industrial gearboxes.

BXRO bearings
The advantages of the double row BXRO bearing are simplified location of the inner ring on the shaft. The single piece inner ring optimally produced leads to higher bearing accuracy.


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