Patient couches

Monorail guidance systems provide smooth running for patient couches

An electronic assembly ensures stickslip-free positioning and smooth running of the patient couch. We supply the mechanical assembly – smooth-running monorail guidance systems with high load carrying capacity.

In all areas where loud noise is disruptive, our “quiet one”, a 4-row linear ball bearing and guideway assembly where the spacers between the balls considerably reduce the running noise, is a truly innovative product. The low displacement resistance enables the couch to be moved with high positioning accuracy. A significant advantage for our solution is that the guidance system operates practically maintenance-free for its entire operating life – even in the standard design. This is due to a lubricant reservoir that is integrated immediately adjacent to the loaded raceways.


“Our quiet one”: Spacers lower the noise level of this linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assembly


For high loads: Six rows of balls provide a high level of safety in applications with heavy loads


For even higher loads: A flat cage guidance system for limited strokes


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